we develop in
  • wordpress
  • Angular
  • ionic
  • react
  • react native
  • nodejs
  • unity
  • arkit
  • arcore
  • vuforia
  • swift
  • java
Lorenzo Zaccagnini
Full Stack Developer
Psychology graduate and Full Stack Developer MEAN, interested in neuropsychology and bleeding edge tech such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Brain Computer Interfaces. Winner of the TIM #WCAP prize at the Digithon 2016 with “Dammi la mano” competing against other thousand projects. His area of expertise include Angular, React, Vue, moving towards the PWA. He has experience in native and hybrid apps using Ionic, React Native, Swift and Java, this provides him a better POV. His Backend skills include Node.Js, NoSQL, Firebase Cloud Functions and GraphQL. Now he is working with Unity, ARKit, ARCore and Vuforia and developing a Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain.
Elisa Romondia
Front End Developer
Psychology graduate, Front End Developer and UX/UI designer, She was the first woman to win an official italian hackathon with the project “Dammi la mano”, showing to the world her skills in building accessible UX/UI for people with disabilities. She is fluent in C# and has years of experience in Unity, she even proposed a PhD in VR/AR. Her area of expertise include advanced CSS and HTML skills, SVG animations, JS frameworks and libraries like JQuery, Vue and Angular. She is a veteran Wordpress developer, capable of building plugins and themes from scratch, using Php, Vue and JQuery.
Big Boss
She began her career as a model for TV spots, later when she was one year old decided to be an entrepreneur. Her first project “Dammi la mano” won the TIM #WCAP prize at the Digithon 2016, showing her superiority over the human race. She was genetically enhanced in the program Les Golden Retrievers Terribles and later founded Golden Retrievers Sans Frontières. She is an expert in trading economics, CQC combat, food, mental manipulation, luxury market, yoga and Fetch API.