Dammi la mano

Dammi la mano is a mobile application, it uses a special algorithm capable to triangulate the position of the user with enormous precision, with little use of battery and mobile data. Dammi la mano permits to follow another user on google maps and provide assistance for him/her in real time. Dammi la mano is oriented towards people with disabilities and caregivers with a full accessible interface. Dammi la mano won the TIM #Wcap Prize at Digithon 2016, the first italian hackathon, and now is in the TIM #Wcap accelerator program 2016, one of the most important accelerator in Europe.Dammi la mano become part of Microsoft BizSpark program on 14/10/2016. Dammi la mano backend is based on the MEAN stack, the mobile application is developed in Java for Android and Swift 3 for iOS, actually we are developing a wearable device and a smart tv application.

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